With Us or simply W. A plain sign, a capital letter shaped with two small-letter juxtaposed

With us is nothing but the allegory of that letter, the group was inspired by the worlds in which each of its members evolve but also by their different origins. Stemming from different cultural and social backgrounds but aiming at the same target, united by the same aspirations, the same yearn, the same crave to fulfill their goals. The collective’s interest span a wide range of fields such as music, fashion, art, design, photography and video-making as well. With us was born from the unconditional love for urban cultures.

At the beginning, an encounter between two guys in Lille in 2009, Mandje Lebel and Cedric Tabapsi. The first one, Artistic director in visual communication (Paris, Cannes, Monaco, Italy, NYC, Dubai) and the latter, student in management currently working in business development in haute couture in New York.

Today composed of 10 members and turned into a real family, this collective interpretes culture with its own language: Artworks, videos, textile, music, events. With Us tells the story, the story of creative and ambitious youngsters who came across each others by chance and whose leitmotiv and main objective now is to encourage the current youth to develop its own education.